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Monday April 6th 2009
On Thursday 2nd we took Joanne to her last resting place.
We were very impressed by the hundreds of people who came to the memorial service.
We were deeply touched by so many flags hanging at half mast and the police saluting the hearse. 
We are sad that this was all about our Joanne but also grateful that she meant so much to so many people.
We feel we said goodbye to her in a way Joanne would have appreciated.
But as we said during the memorial service: she will live on in our hearts and in our deeds. Together with your help we want to realise her dream, a better life for the people in Uganda.
Some people suggested to start a Joanne Noordink Foundation. After long consideration we decided this was not such a good idea. The Mukwano Foundation is Joanne’s brainchild and by donating to this Foundation her dreams can be realised Through the Mukwano Foundation the Bushenyi project is in full swing ( .
Together with family, friends and collegues (and you?) we will try and help “her” 6 children in Uganda to go to school and we will pay for their cost of living. We are very impressed by the fact that a group of pupils from our school have taken it upon themselves to raise some money for these children.

This will probably be the last update on this website.
Your messages, your cards and letters helped us immensely in carrying on during these past 4 months. Again, thank you so very, very much. Now we must try and find a way to live our lives without Joanne and this will be so hard, we will miss her so much but we will keep one of the songs we played during the service in our minds. 

Today I bury you in me
Not in the earth
Not in that coffin
Not by that headstone
Take my eyes and watch with me
Take my feet and walk with me
Take my mouth and laugh with me
Take my hands and feel with me
Take my heart and live with me
Because your death is over now
From now on you live in me 

(excerpt from a song sung by Rob de Nijs called “Vandaag begraaf ik jou in mij”)

With love,
Thomas and Tanja, Arent and Helma
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